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Knapsacks & Haversacks

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CS Knapsack

Enfield pattern knapsack.
Painted canvas soft knapsack, stamped with label of S. Isaac, Campbell & Co.
Source: E.O.C., page 207. Private Collection

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U.S. Army Regulation Model 1855 Double Bag Knapsack (Blanket roll strap included in price)

Double-Bag Knapsack is a non-rigid (soft pack) with two bags that range in size from 12" to 14" for each bag. We use 3 different cloths in our knapsacks. Materials vary from a coarse linen canvas, a cotton drill and even a striped ticking. They are mid-war and 100% hand sewn, painted black and equipped with period hardware.
These double-bag knapsacks were copied from 3 different originals from The Gettysburg National Military Park, private collection of S& S Sutler, private collection of S.G. Marinos.

Source: Revised Regulation for the Army of the United States, Article LI, Para 1575, Page 488 ● American Military Equipage, 1851-1872 Pages 206 - 210 ● Time Life Books, Echoes of Glory, Arms and Equipment of the Union, p. 214

Cost:   $345.00


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1850 English Style Haversack

With adjustable cross strap. Can be used by both US & CS. Copied from the original in the Sheads Collection

Source: Reference Soldiers' Accoutrements of the British Army 1750-1900.

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CS Haversack

100% white cotton, carried by Moses Alexander of Alabama

Source: Museum of Confederacy Collection

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Haversack, US Regulation

Early War, Painted linen with linen liner bag, hand sewn

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Haversack, CS Richmond Depot

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